Hannah of Rand0mg4l | Featured Blogger

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to bring you a featured blogger! Today's blogger is Hannah of Rand0mg4l! Check her out!

Intentional Teacher Planning | Guest Post

Teacher planning during the summer is essential for a smooth school year. I know this, yet every year I put my teacher planning off until the last week before in-service. Then I am in a rush to get anything actually done. This usually leaves me starting school with a huge to do list that never gets done as I scramble to get the classroom physically set up.  This year I want to make a positive change and get some good and effective planning done before teacher inservice starts on August 21st.

7 Truths I Learned in 2017 | Guest Post

With the first half of 2017 out of here, I have had time to reflect on how my year has been. Let me preface this post by saying that a lot has happened this year for me. I’ve graduated college, rebranded my blog, trying to figure out my life in general, but this year has definitely been good for me.

That in mind, I want to share with y’all 7 truths I have learned so far in the first half of 2017.

Arielle Tuan of The Little Dismaid | Featured Blogger

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to bring you a featured blogger! Today's blogger is Arielle of The Little Dismaid! Check her out! 

How To Add Social Media Icons to Your Blog | For Blogger & Wordpress | Includes a Hover Version

Having links to all of your social media pages front and center on your blog is very important. It let's readers know what pages are really your's and links them directly so they don't have to go searching. And when the code is right they can be linked to your social media without ever leaving your blog!

Today I'm going to show you a code that works for both blogger and wordpress blogs. Any blog that allows you to add HTML gadgets really. I'll show you how to add regular buttons and buttons with a hover effect.

Top 3 FREE Stock Photo Sites

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Sometimes when you're blogging you just can't take the right photo. When you need a photo your first thought is to go to google. But that isn't good! Using Google Images can lead to copyright claims, you being sued and your blog being hidden from Google Search or worse deleted all together.

This is where stock photo sites come in. These sites offer copyright free photos.Some sites charge for these photos but there are somsites that offer stock photos for free! Today I've included my favorite 3.

7 People Who Can Really Teach You How to be a Successful Blogger | Guest Post

When you’re just starting out in blogging it can be very overwhelming. When I wrote my first post I genuinely had no idea how much of a rollercoaster of a learning curve blogging would be. I thought putting myself out there on my pretty little website was enough. Turns out, tumbleweed..... sad face.