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It feels great to be writing down my first guest post! 😊 It is an amazing opportunity to post on Cassie’s blog, She also has an amazing website, where she blogs over 'a little bit of everything’ - which I must say is unique and exciting in itself! U love the way she writes and makes everything so interesting to read. Am signing up right away! 😊

So, what exactly is positivity? Positivity is described as the tendency to have and maintain a positive, optimistic attitude towards life. If only everyone looked at life through rose tinted glasses, by looking at each failure or a bad experience as an opportunity - The world would be such a better, brighter and a happier place!

The world truly needs happiness, especially now! Harvard has a Positive Psychology class attended by about 20% of its students which focuses on teaching students to enjoy life and it's journey. What's more, the UN has declared the International day of Happiness to be celebrated on the 20th of March every year! It was put into effect because of Jayme lllien, Adviser of the United Nations who felt that the pursuit to happiness should be recognized as a human right and an important human goal. The very purpose of this day has been to fulfill the vision of a happier world, one small step at a time. If positivity and happiness weren't important why would the UN bring this day into effect?

In today’s world, newspapers, news channels, journalism, gossips, etc. all revolve around issues that invoke negative feelings. We all wake up to newspapers that highlight negativity almost (70% of the times) first thing in the morning. Isn't that a depressing start to a day?

Nowadays we see so many people suffering from increased levels of stress resulting into physical ailments. Reports show that even today’s children have stress which makes positivity an even bigger necessity and a challenge than it has ever been. The levels of happiness and positivity are being measured worldwide, country wise, which proves the importance of positivity.

Positivity and happiness have unlimited potential and power within them, which are, if not all, a lot of what the world needs to dissolve away all such problems. Think over it, just one compliment, one motivational quote or even a single good moment we come across in an entire day makes us so happy. The positive vibes end up transforming our entire day magically into a great one!

Happiness and positivity and can make the world a better place as these emotions make people feel really good - from deep within, unlike negativity. They make us feel great about ourselves, gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow, lets us enjoy and fully live in this present moment, makes us realise what's truly important in our lives and transfers this positivity to the people around us - our tribe, the people we all love!

If a single person gains such benefits from positivity, imagine the huge effect if will have if all of the world’s population does so - this effect will be multiplied a millionfold, making this world a positively charged one! Here are five simple things that we can do to embrace happiness and positivity on a personal level;

  1. Practice gratitude for the things we already have. (Even one thing each day can suffice!)
  2. Meditate and exercise (In order to calm and relax the soul and body respectively.)
  3. Practice journaling in your emotions. (This will help you monitor your thoughts and feelings in a better way.)
  4. Notice the little pleasures of life and feel the joy that these provide you. (The beauty of the rain, the butterflies, birds, the sky, a rainbow etc.)
  5. Remind yourself that your only competition is you. (Don't compare your life with anyone else's, just try to be a better person than you were yesterday.)

Remember that ‘you’ are enough to start a revolution. Embrace positivity and share it so that the people around you will follow in. One step at a time is all that the world needs to take to make this world our happy home!

Wish you a positive life. Love, Pooja 😊

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